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Witch Forest Moon Phase Mushroom Crystal Necklace

Witch Forest Moon Phase Mushroom Crystal Necklace

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Step into the mystical realm of Modern witches, where the secrets of the cosmos and the enchantments of the natural world converge in harmony. Our Witch Forest Moon Phase Mushroom Crystal Necklace brings you a one-of-a-kind experience, a treasure inspired by the esoteric wisdom of the modern witches and the mystical energy of the moon.

Crafted with reverence for the cosmic forces that guided the Pagan, this exquisite necklace is a testament to the profound connection between the Earth, the moon, and the sacred flora that thrives in enchanting landscapes.

At the heart of this enchanting relic lies the moon phase, capturing the ever-shifting lunar energies that guided the rituals and rites of Modern witches. Each phase of the moon has its special significance, from the waxing crescent symbolizing new beginnings to the full moon's power at its zenith and the waning crescent marking the culmination of the moon's cycle.

The necklace also features delicate mushrooms, reminiscent of the magical fungi that herbalists and mystics revered for their otherworldly properties. In modern pagans, mushrooms were believed to be vital to connecting with the spirit realm and unlocking hidden wisdom.

To complete this mystical masterpiece, a shimmering crystal represents the full moon and captures its ethereal glow. 

Wear the "Witch Forest Moon Phase Mushroom Crystal Necklace" with reverence and embrace its wisdom. Let it serve as a bridge between you and the enchanting mysteries of the cosmos, just as it did for the mystics of Modern witches. With each phase of the moon, feel your connection to the celestial and earthly realms grow stronger, guiding you on your mystical journey.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Connie M.

Love it!
Came with a chain. Very light, comfortable, quality workability, beautiful pebble on top.

Charlene Duguay
Not received

I have not received it yet

Marcia Ivanye
Crystal magic

I loved the necklace! I have been looking for a tasteful mushroom necklace,!haven’t taken it off yet!

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