You do not need a private school in the mountains to experience the magical world of witches and wizards. Even though the realm of witchcraft seems like a lucid dream of our childhood, the power embedded within the core of nature is something we can tap while awake. With an open mind, the mystical chronicles of magic will be as mundane as admiring the moon's beauty at night.

Gone were the days when witches were associated with dark magic and wrongdoings. Practicing witchcraft in today's modern world does not differ from practicing any other religion. We praise higher beings that connect to our humanity; we do rituals that help us feel secure and in control. We follow a blueprint that guides us to be our best version. 

The advisable first step for neophytes is to determine what kind of witch you connect with more. For example, are you a green witch, a cosmic witch, a kitchen witch, a sea witch, a hedge witch, or an eclectic witch? Knowing this will help narrow down the rituals, spells, and paraphernalia best suited for you.  



Of all the types of witches, a green witch is the most in tune with the natural power of Mother Earth. If you're fascinated with herbalism and earth magic, this is most likely the type of witch you are. Nurturing plants and watching them grow is one way to tap into their powers. They also make use of the fruits of the earth for their rituals.



Astrology is a cosmic witch's friend. Observing the stars' lining and using the moon's power is a premier practice. Do you find yourself lost in the beauty of the stars at night? You may be one of the cosmic witches. Numerology sometimes is included in their practice.



Stirring in a cauldron of a bubbling potion is a typical scene in a kitchen witch's household. Cooking magic is their primary weapon. They often partner themselves with green witches or are one themselves. 



Despite their title, sea witches don't practice their magic exclusively in the sea. Any part and kind of water are within their touch of magic. Sea witches find solace in the embrace of water. It is where they are most potent.



Through the haunted is the door to their magic. It may seem bleak and dark, but hedge witches often navigate the veil that separates the living and the spirits. They are the mediums that give voices to a world not many of us can hear. They are the ones practicing shadow works.



If you are one of those who hate being just one thing, you may be one of the eclectic witches. They create their own rules when it comes to practicing magic. They may channel the power of water and spirits at the same time. Nothing can tell their limits. One thing is for sure-- labels don't belong to their medium.


The entrance to the world of Wiccans is the same entrance to your inner self. Knowing who you are is the best way to extend your potential. You're the only one who can tell what your powers are. In a world that is not fictitious, you are your sorting hat.

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