The light seems like a long time ago, and warmth is like gold plated luxury that only those willing to suffer for it is deserving. Yule is coming; and, the death of God is inevitable. This phenomenon is an ending that begins the story again.

With death comes rebirth-- this is the celebration that Yule represents. More popularly known as the winter's solstice, Yule for Wiccans is not just a season that passes by; but a significant part of a wheel. It is a moment to restore what once was lost.  It is time to reflect on the things that are rooted in one's core.

Often associated with Christmas, Yule has an abundance of the color red with green. Also, gold with silver, which represents God, and the Goddess respectively, are often used as part of the decorations. These colors are always together, just as the God and the Goddess are always connected. 

Along with colors, Wiccans show their love of gems and stones they use and wear during the seasons. The presence of rubies, bloodstones, and garnets during this time has been part of the long tradition. It is believed that these stones help channel the power that this blessed event has to offer. 

The rubies, widely known as a protection stone, assist in shielding from lethargy caused by the cold nights that possess Yule. Its deep red color has a lustrous glow that summons the essence of passion and happiness within one's self. The blood-colored gemstone lends energy that helps with vitality and vigor.

Bloodstone, with its dark green chalcedony with blood-like spots of red, is widely considered as the most beautiful of jaspers. Since ancient times, even older than the time of Christ, bloodstone has always been the sunstone. The vital function of this stone is to attract the turning of the Sun. It is a Wiccan necessity during the longest nights of the year.

The seed-like crystal that embodies the pomegranate of Persephone is nothing like an object that resides in the Underworld. On the opposite, garnet is a gift of love that brings warmth and passion amid the coldest dark. Garnet gem is also known to attract durability, bodily strength, and endurance.

Over the past years, the process of Yule's celebration has evolved. Wiccans do the rituals differently from one another, but with one thing that remains: an invitation to the spirit of renewal. This quintessential event that marks the last days of the wheel is indeed a Magick covered in snow. With the guidance of the right objects, set of mind, and strong belief, the wheel will continue spinning. From the end, we will see the beginning again.

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